Fatal Flagstaff Car Crash Highlights the Dangers of Drunk Driving

In early June, two people were killed in a head-on car crash just southeast of Flagstaff. The accident investigation revealed that one driver crossed the centerline and collided with the other motorist traveling in the opposite direction. The driver who caused the accident was operating on a suspended license and there is evidence that he was intoxicated at the time.

This recent fatal crash is hardly an isolated incident. Drunk driving is a problem that persists nationwide, especially in Arizona. A U.S. Department of Transportation traffic study revealed that the State of Arizona ranked among the nation’s top ten states for drunk driving deaths in both 2020 and 2021.

The state has a variety of initiatives to address drunk driving. Driver education curricula, public awareness campaigns and vigorous law enforcement efforts on the roadways discourage drinking and driving. However, individual motorists can help keep themselves and their passengers safer by engaging in the following practices:

  • Drive sober — Nobody should be driving while intoxicated or impaired. However, drivers should also avoid alcohol completely before operating any vehicle. Even if a driver is not drunk, small amounts of alcohol can affect a person’s reflexes and reaction times.
  • Drive when fully capable — Avoid driving when tired, distracted by an incoming phone call or text or otherwise incapable of devoting all faculties and attention to the road.
  • Drive defensively — Motorists should pay attention to traffic and watch out for dangerous or careless drivers. Situational awareness can help avoid collisions.
  • Drive times — The peak timeframe for drunk drivers is between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. While it is not always possible to avoid the roadways at certain times, waiting until before or after those peak hours reduces exposure to intoxicated drivers.
  • Vehicle maintenance — Motorists should keep their vehicles in proper working order. Worn steering gear, tires and brakes affect maneuverability. Defective lights and windshield wipers inhibit visibility at night and in inclement weather. Making sure these vehicle components are in working order is critical for avoiding accidents.

While nothing will eliminate auto collisions, following these safety guidelines will improve the chances of drivers and passengers enjoying accident-free travel.

If you were injured in an accident where the other driver was intoxicated, it’s important to reach out to an auto accident attorney. They will get to work quickly on preserving crucial evidence that bolsters your case against the other driver.

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